We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.

Plant 4

Plant 4
Plant 4 is designed by the concept to manufacture the product of a less metal. Ultrawater is supplied with line inside the whole factory, dry extraction and packing of the end products is done in a clean room. Moreover, one more characteristics is that it is capable in safe handling of waste fluid and the exhaust gas which are normally difficult to handle and are emitted during the processing of chlorosulfonic acid and thionyl chloride.

Plant 4 Main Equipments

Chemical reactor GL 2000L 2 Anchor wings
Chemical reactor GL 4000L 1 The Bend leaf wings
Chemical reactor SUS316 6000L 1 Paddle wings
Chemical reactor GL 7000L 1 Anchor wings
Chemical reactor SUS316 10000L 1 Paddle wings
Chemical reactor FRP 20000L 1 Paddle wings
Centrifugal separator Afron 36Inch 3 Top discharge
Fractionating tower SUS304 150L/H 1 Toluene / theoretical plate number: 20 steps
Fractionating tower SUS304 80L/H 1 Acetone / theoretical plate number: 28 steps
Cooling device - Cooling Capacity 212.3KW 1 -10 degrees to 5 degrees
Warm water unit - Max heat exchange 204,000Kcal 1 50 degrees to 80 degrees
Freezing dryer SUS316 Temp : -20~60 degrees
Pressure : 6.7~0.8KPa
3 Shelf : 2 rows × 10 step
Tray : 450 × 900 × H30mm
Exhaust gas treatment system FRP 40m3/min 1  
Exhaust gas treatment system FRP 100m3/min 1  
Exhaust gas treatment system FRP 50m3/min 1  
Ultrapure water unit - 3,000L/Hr 1 Ionic-exchange method type : D2EDI
Vacuum pump SCS13 Vacuum degree:2.3KPa 1 Displacement volume: 3000 L/min
Clean room   Class : 10,000 1 Drying / packing room