We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.


CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)means not only to fulfill compliance and the responsibility of a profits contribution but also met the potential demand of customers and society around, contribute to society by using the environment in a better way and actively provide the freedom of information.


CSR Procurement Policy

We emphasize SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) and ethical behavior.
We carry on a business declaring following policy,
Also in order to tackle the promotion of this CSR in procurement, we ask our suppliers their cooperation.

1. We will comply with the laws and regulations related to the environment to reduce the load on the environment.
- Regulatory Compliance
- Reducing the consumption of resources
- Reduction of waste

2. We protect employees’ safety and health.
- Illness prevention of the employee by the appropriate working environment maintenance
- Appropriate response and preparedness for Emergency
- Health management of employees

3. Thoroughness of corporate activities in accordance with the code of ethics
- Respect for the individual's personality
- Free and fair action
- Exclusion of the public and private confusion
- Protection of company property
- Compliance with workers' rights



Compatibility support open space

Compatibility support open space( https://ryouritsu.mhlw.go.jp/hiroba/) has been updated since 2017.

Click https to enter the description, click here to search for a company's action plan / initiatives, and enter and search for Showa Kako in the company name and our action plan will appear

Please take a look at our efforts

Japan International Education Support Association (JEES)

Since 2016, we have established the “Showa Kako Scholarship” as a crown scholarship by donating to the Japan International Education Support Association (JEES). In addition, we have a scholarship repayment support policy (limited to the Japan Student Services Organization) within the company, and during the period from the month after the month of joining to the month of retirement, half of the repayment amount is paid monthly as a scholarship allowance. Doing. For details, contact our administration section.

 Companies promoting women’s participation

Enacted action plan to promote active participation of women. Also our this action is listed a database in an activity promotion company of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Action plan.

Health Declaration

We made a Health Declaration. We will work not only on effort to work style reform, but also on health and enjoy work and leisure time. Please refer to the proof of Health Declaration.

The action plan "for work and child care coexistence"

Employees has developed an action plan to create a friendly environment for both work and childcare. In the activity plan there is "Childern Visiting Day", basis aim is to create the envirornment in which employee having the family can also work better by balancing family and work. Moreover this policy is also specified in the site of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.Please refer http://ryouritsu.mhlw.go.jp/hiroba/


Environmental rating certificate

Our group company Kyushu Kako was accredited Miyagin Environmental rating

excellent of “S “ certification in January 2013.

Our group company Satuma Kako also was accredited same certification in February, 2013.

This is one of proof for efforts of co-existence and co-prosperity with the environment from business citric acid and Shochu waste liquid business. We will continue to make efforts for co-existence and co-prosperity with the environment.


Voluntary Fire Drill and Evacuation Drill 

Every year, Fire Drill is performed in June and Evacuation Drill is performed in December.

Participates as an observer once every three years, a training is provided  so that more efficient self-reliance fire fighting can be done. And we are always ready for the unexpected and trouble to neighboring residents can be suppressed infinite to the minimum.


Health and Productivity Management Corporation Certified

March 9th 2022(R4),

Our company has been certified as the health and productivity management corporation,for medium and small corporation division since 2021.

『5132 Showa Kako Corporation 8120901017453 Osaka, Suita City, Manufacturing Industry』

The Health and Productivity Management Corporation Certification System is for awards corporations such as large, medium and small enterprises that practice particularly good health and productivity management based on initiatives in accordance with local health issues and health promotion initiatives promoted by the Japan Health Council.

We will continued to improve from what we can do.


Received the 『Rewarding to Work Company" Great Award』

This time, our company is sponsored by the Osaka Prefectural Management Rationalization Association.

We received the special award (business transformation award) of 『The 4th "A Rewarding to Work Company" Great Award that we want to teach students』

We will continue to contribute to society as a “rewarding to work company” and work hard to be a company that continues to evolve in line with the times.


Continued certification as 『White Corporate Certification』

We continue to be certified as 『White Corporate Certification Silver』
Our company has been recognized by the Japan Next Generation Enterprise Promotion Organization (White Foundation) as 『White Enterprise Certification Silver』since fiscal 2021.(Certification)



Employment and Working Environment Report

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Showa Kako's SDGs

The SDGs, which were passed by the UN General Assembly in 2015, are required not only by countries and developing countries but also by developed countries to be tackled by private companies (instead of volunteers and donations, companies are The following is the status of our company's efforts: a business model in which earning profits also leads to improvements in society and the global environment).

April 22, 2020【1st Update】

With   "For dairy products high in nutritional value!" as our motto, our group has established Samurai Dairy Products   Pvt in India with Ikaruga Dairy Industry's technology as a base. We have   acquired Global Gap, FSSC22000, and FSSAI, all started in India, and are   managing operations in dairy farms and dairy sterilization factories. In   order to decrease the number of malnourished children even just a little bit,   we continuing to deliver high quality dairy products to the market.

For   the desire to learn! Since 2010, regardless   whether or not the operations are necessary, we have increased the   acquisition cost of every last qualification (there are currently over 90   kinds) from half the sum to the whole sum. Moreover, after acquisition, we   provided the payment of the qualifications, and are continuing the   development of continuous learning. Also, through a donation to the JEES in   2016, we established the Crown Scholarship (a Showa manufacturing   scholarship), and have been working hard on high quality and fair education   being accepted even outside our company.

For   the drive for active participation for women!   Within our company, together with the compatibility and assistance of the   work and households of the employees, active roles of women have been   advancing.  In 2017,  at the Compatibility Assistance Plaza (the   Ministry of Health), we announced our universal main business plan, and in   2019, we announced the women's active participation plan. Due to our male   staff going on childcare leave, we received birthtime compatibility assistance   in 2019, and currently on April 1st, 2020, the percentage of female workers   is 27.8%.

Free   use of technology! Our group has made free use of   selected technology from the time we were founded and made new products from   waste, and are sharing them with the market. Also, alongside manufacturers,   we have acquired industry waste disposal approval, and we are working on   waste problems within our company as well as regionally.

Cross   the fence! Our company has been aiming to expand,   and has been growing alongside the region for quite some time. And now since   2019, we have been working hard together with GAMBA OSAKA as well as the   youth on furthering the regional stimulation and beautification.