We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.


Useful for goods, people, and information


Trains, Cars, and Flight

Our place is a good condition for the all.



Our place is close to Shin-Osaka station. The station is Bullet train station.

Also, our place is close to Midosuji-line which is main train line.

You can go to Osaka city easily.

You can also go to Shin-Osaka station, and Nankai Namba station. These stations are connected to Kansai International Airport directly.



Our place is close to Shinmidosuji which is main road of Osaka.

Also, it is close to Meishin highway, so we have a good condition for logistics.



It is easy to go to Itami Airport which is domestic flight, and Kansai International Airport from our place.