We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.


We need person who has motivation!

Showa Group's Employment Stance    Showa's 3Less

Age Less

Gender Less

Border Less


We will promote the employment of people who are motivation,

and agree with our company's code of conduct,

and want to achieve a work-life balance.


Showa Group's Management Attitude    Showa's 4Management

Self Management

Time Management

Work Management

Health Management


By standardizing work and creating the space time.
We will ensure that each employee's work is rewarding, healthy, and fulfilling.


The figure of employee

We have openings for Technical Factory worker, Factory manager, Technical jobs, Quality control person, Pharmacist, Planning manager, and Sales person regardless of new graduates, mid-career, and nationality.


If you do not have credential or you are not bilingual, it does not matter. We welcome anyone who are motivated and whomever can agree out Code of Conduct shown as below:


Think and Act : Code of Conduct


Our Code of Conduct has been set as below:

1)Positive Thinking → Positive Greeting

2)Quick Thinking → Work on tasks, requests, works in timely manner

3)Proactive Thinking → Cover and Support people/time/asset

4)Reflect Thinking → Always reflect and learn from the mistakes

5)Not Giving Up Thinking → Ask yourself if you’d tried hard enough

6)Considerate Thinking → Respect other opinions, Be open-minded

7)Thinking with Gratitude → Thank everyone for all the results 


How to entry

If you are interested, please send or e-mail your resume to our Peoples Wealth Department・Personnel Labor Division.
Please do not forget to write your contact information as we will contact you.


〒564-0054 18-23 Yoshino-cho, Suita City, Osaka Pref.

Showakako Corporation    Peoples Wealth Department・Personnel Labor Division

Tel:06-6384-1502    E-mail:Personnel_LaborDivision@showakako.co.jp

Please also submit the following consent form with your resume when applying.

>>The consent form of Handling of personal information(PDF)

About personal information handling

Personal information of applicants will be handled appropriately in accordance with Showa Kako's 「Privacy Policy」.
Please refer to the 「Privacy Policy」below, agree to the personal information handling, and apply.

>>To Showa Kako's 「Privacy Policy」


Recruit video


Substantial benefits

We will introduce Showa Kako's personnel system and benefits.


System for employees

•External corporate pension

•Scholarship assistance

•Dependents scholarship assistance

•Children's Support Program

•Single parent Supplement Program



•New Year's party

•Foundation day & human letter photographing

•Group training

•Koshien Night

•Osaka Ganba Night

•Bowling Tournament

•OB Association

•Group Year-end party



•White Corporate Certification

•Youth Ale Certification

•Certified as the health and productivity management corporation

•Received『The 4th "A Rewarding to Work Company" Great Award that we want to teach students』(business transformation award)

•Recevied the 『Award for Excellent Employment of The Elderly』


Click here for more information on certification and initiatives.