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How to use citric acid


Japanese Standards of Food Additives says citric acid is Vitamin C stabilizer as its application.

In addition, citric acid has sensation of coolness. (Monthly publication Food Chemical (Feb, 1987) Vol. 22, 31)


Fruits and vegetables juice


Standard: juice 100ml, citric acid 0.5~1g

Vitamin C in vegetables and fruits is broken easily when they are tossed in the blender, however, when you put in citric acid before turn on the blender, Vitamin C will become stable.

Citric acid will be foil for juice taste.


Distilled spirits and whiskey


Standard: distilled spirits or whiskey 100ml、citric acid 0.5~1g

Only put citric acid in distilled spirits or whiskey and stir well, you can enjoy tasteful alcohol with citric acid’s acidity.

But, if you put in citric acid too much, alcohol might has strong acidity and loses original alcohol taste. Please put in little by little according to your taste.


Citric acid drink


Standard: water 1L、citric acid 4g、honey 100g

You can make your original citric acid drink by adding sugar or honey to water/hot water, then put in citric acid and stir.

You are able to make authentic juice by adding fruits juice or essence.


Perillaa beefsteak plant juice


Standard: water 1.8L, red perillaa beefsteak plant 400g, sugar 1kg, citric acid 40g, and a container


1. Put red perillaa beefsteak plant, water and citric acid in a jar. Leave it overnight.
2. Next day, squeeze red perillaa beefsteak plant and filter the liquid by cloth.
3. Put red juice and sugar in a pot. Put the pot over the fire and stop the fire

    when it boils.
4. Put the juice in the jar to its mouth while it is still warm.

    Chill it after close the lid of the jar.
5. Store cool and dirk place.
6. When you drink it, dilute the juice from twice to three times.


Food processing

Citric acid is used as pH adjuster. As Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announces, pH adjuster is food additive which keep the food in the appropriate pH range. Microbiological growth is affected by pH, so adjusting pH can increase the food of the storage stability.


Dried plum and coloring perillaa beefsteak plant


Standard:plum 10kg, salt 1kg, citric acid 50g

When you color plum by perillaa beefsteak plant, adding citric acid helps coloring brilliant red.


Bean paste


Standard:citric acid 3% to salt


Taro, yam, and Pickles


Taro and Yam

Standard:water 1L, citric acid 5g


Standard:citric acid 3~5% of salt




Standard:Rice 150g, citric acid 0.2g 


Kumquat pickled


Standard:kumquat 1kg, citric acid 4g



Citric acid is also used for bath praparatoin and bath bomb.


Easy bath bomb


Standard: citric acid 25g, baking soda50g, potato starch or Cornstarch25g, and a little water

※Adding essential oil or herb to your liking is good



1. Mix flour and add water by mister. Please be careful if you add water too much,

    citric acid and baking soda react and foam.
2. When whole wet and you can harden by hand with power, put it in a mold.

    Then, press together well. Cookie type or ice tray is useful for mold.

    Or you can also make ball using wrap.
3. Take it out from mold carefully, and dry it. To dry faster, putting it on wire mesh is useful.
4. Store it in closed container with desiccant. (Avoid reaction with moisture in the air)


Cleaning and Washing

Because citric acid is acidic, it solves calcium and there is the ability to neutralize and drop alkaline dirt. Citric acid dissolves stain including calcium in water on faucet, sink, and mirror. It also dissolves white solidified thing such as soap cake in bath.

<Caution>If you use(mix) citric acid with chlorine-based product such as mold remover and bleach, harmful chlorine gas will be generated and it is dangerous. Please be careful.



Electric pot cleaning


Standard:water 2.2L, citric acid 25~30g

Put citric acid in pot and pour water to full capacity and boil. Leave it from 1 hour to 2 hours and throw away hot water. Scrape away the stain left and rinse in water. When you throw away hot water, please throw away to toilet or sink because it has cleaning effect.

(Caution1) Please be careful not to get burnt when you throw away hot water.

(Caution2) If your pot has water filter, please take it out when you put citric acid in.


Water stain on sink cleaning


Standard:citric acid 50g

Sprinkle citric acid on sink and rub with towel or sponge including water.

If there is tough dirt, rub after packing with towel including citric acid water for a while

(Packing time: about 20mins to 30mins moderate while watching the situation)

After cleaning, wipe well not to leave citric acid

(Caution)If solution in citric acid is strong or you leave a pack for long time, it is possible that metal surface will be damaged. Do not leave the pack overnight.


Dishwasher cleaning


Standard:citric acid 10~50g

Put citric acid in dishwasher and run without dishes. Dishwasher will be clean as water stain is removed.

 (Caution) Cleaning effect will became stronger by increase citric acid, however it is possible that metal parts in dishwasher will be damaged. Also, do not leave citric acid water in dishwasher for long time.


Toilet and bath room cleaning


Standard:water 200ml、citric acid 5g

Dissolve citric acid in water and pour it in spray bottle. Spray it to toilet and rub to clean.

After finish cleaning, please wipe thoroughly with water so that component of citric acid do not remain