We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.

Plant 2

Plant 2
Plant 2, is established in order to cater or correspond to the customer's assignment in a large scope, Plant 2 has installed equipment like vacuum distillation equipment, high temperature counteraction device, and high-pressure counteraction device that does not exist in plant 1.

Plant 2 Main Equipments

Chemical reactor GL 500L Foudra wings
Chemical reactor GL 500L Anchor wings
Chemical reactor GL 500L Vacuum distillation apparatus
Chemical reactor SUS316 1000L Foudra wings
Chemical reactor SUS304 1000L Anchor wings
Chemical reactor SUS316 1000L Turbine wings (High temperature reaction≪300℃)
Chemical reactor SUS316 3000L Turbine wings
Chemical reactor SUS316 3000L Anchor wings
Chemical reactor GL 5000L Foudra wings
Chemical reactor GL 5000L Anchor wings
Chemical reactor GL 5000L Anchor wings
Chemical reactor TiCLAD 200L Turbine wings
Chemical reactor SUS316 2000L/30atm Turbine wings
Centrifuge  ETFE 36Inch Top Discharging
Centrifuge  SUS316 36Inch Top Discharging
Centrifuge  ETFE 20Inch Top Discharging
Centrifuge  SUS316 20Inch Top Discharging
Filtration dryer SUS316 2000L/1.5m2 Filter equiped with mixer(Rothemund)
Vacuum dryer SUS316 1000L Mixer
Cooling system ------- Refrigeration capacity:144KW ‐10℃~5℃
Heating medium heating device ------- 30×104Kcal Maximum temperature:320℃
Abatement device FRP 60m3/min  

As common equipment of the plant 1 and the plant 2, it has a portable centrifugal separator, a press filter, a vacuum tank etc.