We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.

Overseas Development


We have direct business with 20 countries.

Including indirect transactions, we have business with over 40 counties around the world.

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Exports & Imports

In keeping with the borderless and international spirit of the times, Showa Kako was quick to adopt a global viewpoint and expand into worldwide business. Dyestuffs, paints, inorganic tin compounds, organic acids, photosensitive printing agents, pharmaceutical intermediates, and numerous other substances and functional materials: our market presence is all over the world, especially in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. Our excellent quality products enjoy the confidence of users because they are backed by our exclusive technology. Companies in different countries have benefited greatly through joint projects using Showa Kako expertise to create process materials. We have also established overseas material and product production bases from which to import. For example, in 1999 we successfully established Asia Cirtrix (ACX), an overseas joint venture in Thailand as a local base for the production of citric acid.