We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.
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Research and development(technical bases)

Research and development(technical bases)

Extraction technology

Showa Kako is the only company in Japan that manufactures L-tartaric acid from natural resources. We obtained the crude tartaric acid from Agol, a reside during wine-making processes, by unique extraction technology. Since it contains a large amount of naturally derived minerals, so it is purified by repeatedly dissolving and filtering with acid and alkali in an appropriate combinations. In addition to providing customers with the tartaric acid obtained as a product, we also produce various salts by performing counter cation exchange. We also manufacture high-purity lactate using this counter cation exchange technology.


Organic synthesis

We have been producing fine chemical products such as pharmaceutical intermediates, photosensitizers for screen printing and photoresist materials, and dichromatic dyes by making full use of our precise and scalable synthetic technology of azo compounds, which we have cultivated through dye production, and heterocyclic compounds to thiazole and imidazole skeletons.

Another major feature of our production is that we use the following substances as raw and secondary materials. We can synthesize triazine derivatives from cyanuric chloride through aromatic nucleophilic substitution reactions, imidazole derivatives from carbon disulfide (CS2), and acid chlorides using thionyl chloride (SOCl2).

An industry-academia collaboration project has been conducting research on a new fluorescent compounds by using the synthetic technology of photosensitive agents for screen printing. These compounds are characterized by their high water solubility, and have been developed for the purpose of staining living organisms. Academic papers [1] and patents [2] are published based on the results.


●Inorganic synthesis

Showa Kako manufactures various inorganic tin salts from tin ingot. These materials are widely used for electronics, plating, and pottery. We also put our efforts in various useful development. In addition, a titanium complex is produced.


●Metal-free technology

Materials used in the precise electronics require extremely high purity, and the level of purity is increasing every year. Showa Kako manufactures EL-grade tartaric acid and citric acid, used as cleaning agents for semiconductor production process. They capture metals on surface by chelating with carboxyl groups located in appropriate position in the molecule. Strict standards are established for the amount of metal contained in the precision electronic industry. To meet the requirement, we have ion-exchange water production equipment and special production line with ion-exchange polymer to remove trace metals. In addition to the technology, one of our major strengths is our ability to produce our own organic acids as raw materials.


Multipurpose pilot plants support R&D

Two multipurpose experimental plants support our R&D and industrialization technology for various products. These plant was built in 1985 and 1989, and equipped with various facilities and equipment capable of producing from several kilograms to several tons per month, are being expanded and upgraded every year.


Consideration for safety and the environment

We use various materials. Many of them, such as cyanuric chloride and carbon disulfide, require the utmost care in handling. In addition to ensuring the safety of workers and the working environment during the manufacturing process, we also give consideration to the local community and local residents from the R&D stage.