We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.

Company History

Sprit of 100 years of continuous progress and innovation

Since 1918 from the date of its establishment, Showa Kako put its efforts to produce the new products which capture the need of time and society. The progress of these over 100 years is just the history of reforms.

Company History Video: Company History "The Road to Public institution" -100 Years challenged by the Founder


1918 Shonosuke Ogura established Ogura Seiyakusho in Toyosaki, Higashi yodogawa-ku, Osaka and started manufacturing different kinds of industrial chemicals and reagents.
1924 Production of tartar emetic -antimony potassium tartrate- was first started in Japan. Production of stannous chloride and many other tin compounds was also started.
1928 Tartaric acid was successfully manufactured on an industrial scale.
1932 Tartar emetic and tartaric acid production division was independently set up. Showa Seiyaku Co., Ltd. was established with joint investment of Miki Shoten, currently Miki Sangyo Co., Ltd in Suita, Osaka Pref.
1934 Ogura Seiyakusho's key factory was moved to Juhachijo, Higasiyodogawa-ku, Osaka - now Mikuni Factory. Showa Seiyaku Co., Ltd. started production of citric acid.
1937 Showa Seiyaku Co. Ltd. started production of lactic acid.
1939 Ogura Seiyakusho was restructured into Ogura & Co.
1941 Ogura & Co. was reorganized into Ogura Seiyaku Co., Ltd.
1943 Ogura Seiyaku Co., Ltd. merged with Showa Seiyaku Co., Ltd., and the company expanded into Showa Chemical Co., Ltd.
1948 Eiko Dye Mfg. Co., Ltd. was founded mainly to manufacture synthetic dyes and tar intermediates.
1949 Showa Chemical Co., Ltd. merged with Eiko Dye Mfg. Co., Ltd.
1951 Headquarters was moved to Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka.
1959 The company supported Shin-Kamimura Kagaku Co., Ltd. now Satsuma Kako Co., Ltd. to boost the production of citric acid based on a new fermentation process.
1960 Kyushu Kako Co., Ltd was established to expand the citric acid business.
1967 Tokyo Business Office now S. K. Bio. Co., Ltd. was established to expand the production of citric acid.
1974 Production of naphthol grounder was started.
1980 Administration office and R&D lab building was added to Suita factory.
1985 Multi-purpose pilot plant was erected in Suita Factory for the purpose of developing new products and meeting customer's needs.
1989 A second multipurpose pilot plant was set up in the Suita Plant premises to expand diversified research and development activities.
1996 Facilities to exclusively deal with medical intermediates was established at the Suita Factory.
1999 Asia Citrix Co., Ltd, was established in Thailand, through a joint investment with Mitsubishi Corporation, to start the production of citric acid.
2000 PF Center was established in Juhachijo, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka.
2004 The Showa enterprise is made into a holding company and every group company is assimilates under one roof.
2005 Multi-purpose factroy is established in Suita plant.
2006 Shangai Rikai Industries & Trade Co.; Ltd analysis center establishment. 100% company owned analysis center establishment in China Shangai.
2007 Establishment of Multi-purpose factory in Sannwa plant
2007 Focusing on Osaka Prefecture University, participates as a Vice-President in the planning of industrial, administrative and academic sectors
2009 Jan Published as the one of the Potential small and meduim sized enterprises by the National Federation of Small Business Associations and Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation in "Small Scale Potential Discovery Report".
2009 Jun A new Embarkation as a Showa group ( Showa enterprise, the Showa Kako, the Kyushu kako, Satsuma kako, S.K.Bio, Sanwayuko).
2011 By the centralization and selection, the factories concentration and optimization are held and Multi prupose plants are completed.
We applied for approval of business advancement plan by promotion of company location. It was recognized as conforming to the Osaka Northern industrial accumulation formation basic plan with the consent of the government.
2013 After Showa kako merges Group company Sanwayuko, the department was liquidated. Kyushu Kako merges S.K. Bio, they keep them as mushroom department.We promote rationalization of group companies.  (Mashroom department was abolished in March, 2015.)
2014 Feb We acquired ISO22000 to continue to aim to safe and stable supply of quality. Group companies aim to acquire. (Kyushu Kako acquired it in December, 2014 and Satuma Kako acquired it in March, 2016.)
2014 Mar Established local subsidiary in New Delhi, india
2016 Nov IKARUGA MILK PRODUCTS which is an established diary producer in Osaka became a subsidiary of Showa Kako.
2016 Dec Established local subsidiary in São Paulo, Brazil
2018 Feb Established local subsidiary in Maputo, Mozambique
2018 Feb Acquired Halal certification (Group company, Kyushu Kako and Satuma Kako acquired it in same year)
2018 Acquired Privacy Mark
2020 Mar Acquired 100% share of IKARUGA MILK PRODUCTS
2021 July Reached an agreement on business transfer agreement with Murakami Kyukyoku. Murakami Kyusyoku starts its business in 1965(Showa 40) mainly in Kansai area, delivering lunch specially to Kindergartens, industries and government related facilities. Will be aiming for 13billion sales in chemical field and 7billion sales in food field as a group.
2022 Jan Acquired 100% share of HONDA WINERY