We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.


Pharmaceutical and agrichemical related (intermediates; optical resolving agents)
Photosensitive printing agents (intermediates)
Photographic agents  
Chemicals for electronic devices (two-tone coloring agents for liquid crystal; EL grade organic acid)


Tar intermediates (dye intermediates)
Illuminarl (optical brightening agent-for fiber, pulp, detergent)
Kako Reactive (reactive dye-cellulous fiber)
Kako Grounder (naphthol grounding agent-cellulose fiber, dye intermediates)
Kako Base (naphthol developer-cellulose fiber, dye intermediates)
Kako Salt (naphthol developer-cellulose fiber)
Nichromine (azoic dispersive dye-polyester, acetate)
Dyeing aids  
Stannous chloride (discharging agent)
Kakonol (dyeing acid)
RSK Powder, RSK Liquid (anti-reducing agent)


Tartaric acid and salts
L-tartaric acid (acid flavoring; chelating agent-detergent, metal cleaning agent, plating agent; pH adjustor)
Potassium L-bitartrate (pH-adjustor-acidifying agent, etc.)
Disodium L-tartrate (stabilizer; pH adjuster; seasoning)
Potassium sodium tartrate (chelating agent-plating, etc.)
Potassium tartrate (chelating agent-plating, etc.; humectant)
Antimony Potassium tartrate (fixing agent; catalyst)
Ammonium tartrate (mordant)
Citric acid and salts
Citric acid (acid flavoring; chelating agent-detergent, metal cleaning agent, plating; pH adjustor; plasticizer)
Trisodium citrates (seasoning; stabilizer; chelating agent- detergent, metal cleaning agent, plating, etc.; pH adjustor)
Monosodium citrates (pH adjustor-acidifying agent; chelating agent-detergent, metal cleaning agent, plating etc.)
Tripotassium citrate (chelating agent-plating etc.)
Monopotassium citrate (pH adjustor-acidifying agent; chelating agent-plating, etc.)
Calcium citrate (Ca reinforcing agent)
Ferric citrate (Fe reinforcing agent)
Ferric ammonium citrate (Fe reinforcing agent)
Lactic acid and salts (L- and DL-)
Lactic acid (acid flavoring; chelating agent-metal cleaning agent, plating, etc.: pH adjuster)
Calcium lactate (Ca reinforcing agent)
Sodium lactate (seasoning; humectant; pH adjuster)
Aluminum lactate  
Lithium lactate (reagent)
Maric acid and salts
DL-malic acid (acid flavoring; chelating agent-metal cleaning agent, plating, etc.; pH adjustor)
Sodium DL-malate (seasoning; water activator; pH adjustor)
Adipic acid (acid flavoring; pH adjustor plasticizer)


Tin compound
Stannous chloride (hydrate) (plating; anti-discharging agent; catalyst)
Stannous chloride (anhydrate) (plating)
Stannic chloride (hydrate) (silk weighting agent; electroconductive materials)
Stannic chloride (anhydrate) (plating; glass reinforcing agent; organotin compounds; organic synthetic catalyst)
Stannous sulfate (plating; aluminum electrolytic colorant)
Stannous oxalate (plating; catalyst)
Potassium stannate (plating; electroconductive materials)
Sodium stannate (plating; catalyst; electroconductive materials)
Stannous oxide (catalyst; plating; electroconductive materials)
Stannic oxide (glaze; abrasive; electroconductive materials)
Metastannic acid (flame-retardant; glaze; electroconductive materials)
Potassium titanyl oxalate
Potassium titanyl oxalate (metal finishing agent)


Tartaric acid
Citric acid, sodium citrate
Lactic acid, calcium lactate, sodium lactate, sodium lactate (non-pharmaceutical grade)


Tartaric acid, potassium sodium tartrate
Citric acid, sodium citrate, potassium citrate
Stannous chloride, stannic chloride