We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.
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Member Organization

Japan International Education Support Association (JEES)

Since 2016, we have established the “Showa Kako Scholarship” as a crown scholarship by donating to the Japan International Education Support Association (JEES). I am assisting students who are improving.

Osaka Pharmaceutical Association

As a regional organization, the close cooperation and enlightenment between members leads to increase in the profits common to a members . It promotes the Healthy development of pharmaceutical industry and also aiming at contributing to people's health enhancement. Our company is also participating in the planning as a councillor of the association.


Osaka Industrial Chemical Association

It is an association aiming at contributing to improvement in the life of the people, and provide saffety assurance by the notification of relevant ordinances, such as a toxic substance, highly poisonous substance, PRTR, a dangerous object, and Occupational Safety and Health and it also strives for improvement and development of industry and members by holding briefing session, lecture meeting, and an inspection meeting for the concerned industries and its member.


Kansai Chemical Industries Association

It is an organization aiming at promoting the close connection and enlightenment between members, increasing profits common to a member's work, and contributing to progress development of industrial society, Our company is also participating in the planning as a trustee of the association.


Japan Reagent Association

Association aiming at promoting healthy training development of reagent work and contributing to society through reagent business, OGURA KENNOSUKE also made to serve as the first chairman at the time of western reagent association inauguration, and he is allowed to work as a member of an association till now.


Japan Food Additives Association

An association having the close relation with eating habits and with the purpose of performing activity which determines an understanding about safety and usefulness to general consumers, and contributing healthy development of the food related industry for improvement of general consumers' eating habits and public health. On the basis of instruction of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare medicine food office aims at the spreading of the knowledge correct about manufacture, sale, and usage. Our company is also participating in the planning as a trustee of the association.


Dyestuff And Industrial Chemical Association

Association unveils consensus of (1) Dyestuff industrial world, and planning and promotion of the policy based on this are promoted, (2) Do investigation and research of per matter required for development of dyestuff industry. (3)The amity and enlightenment between members are promoted, and our company is also participating and contributing in the planning as a trustee of the association which aims for the improvement and healthy development of dyestuff industry.


Osaka Quality Control Association

An association which strove towards the enlightment of the quality control and under the guidance of the instructor various tasks such as study session, a lecture meeting, and a factory tour meeting, are developed and performed, Our company is also allowed to work as a member of an association.


Osaka Medicine Business Health Insurance Society

Two correspondences, the legal benefit defined law focusing on the insurance benefit-medical benefit, and the fringe benefit which the health insurance society performs uniquely. Moreover, our company is also participating in the planning as a trustee of the association in the association which also performs the production promotion of insurance foundation-health.


Osaka Medicine Business Employee's Pension Fund

An association firmly supporing the future life, the companies of the same trade are assembled and overall pattern business annuity was established for the purpose of aiming at the more substantial retirement coverage, In addition 3 pension system are added


Suita Chamber Of Commerce

While promoting composite improvement development of the commerce industry of the area, our company is also participating in the planning as a standing trustee of the commerce industry meeting of organization in the public benefit aiming at contributing to improvement of the welfare of general society.


Doshou Town Document Maintenance Meeting

Through the festival and the Doshu Town Museum of medicine, the area and companies continue to unite in town. Our company is also co-sponsored / participating in the same association.