We provide chemical products using organic synthetic technology, inorganic synthetic technology and biotechnology.

Our specialties are functional materials, dyestuffs and dyeing aids, organic acid and inorganic chemicals.
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Eventos Informações

Participamos na Exposição “XI Hokusetsu Jijikara Festa 2021”

Participamos na Exposição “XI Hokusetsu Jijikara Festa 2021”, feita entre 29 e 31 de outubro de 2021 no Parque Comemorativo da Exposição.

Além da venta de “Ácido Cítrico C”, realizamos também oficinas para a fabricação de bombas de banho para os residentes locais nos conhecerem como fabricante de ácido cítrico.



50º Festival da cidade de Suita

Nós da Showa Kako Co. juntamente com a Ikaruga Milk Products, participamos do 50º festival da cidade de Suita realizado no dia 3 de Agosto de 2019 no Esaka Park. Apresentamos aos visitantes, batata doce assada, Citric Acid C e diversos tipos de sucos. Agrademos todos os participantes e visitantes do festival.



ifia JAPAN 2019

Participamos da iFia Japan 2019 entre os dias 22 3 24 de Maio de 2019, que foi realizado no Tokyo Big Sight. Agradecemos as muitas empresas e pessoas que nos visitaram.



Hi Japan/ FiT Japan/ S-tec Japan 2018

Entre os dias 3 e 5 de Outubro de 2018, a Showa Group (Showa Kako, Kyushu Kako e Satsuma Kako), participou da feira por 3 dias realizado em Tokyo Big Sight. Na ocasião conseguimos apresentar nosso recém lançado produto, TASTE ONE (tempero multifuncional), que foi desenvolvido pela Showa Group. Agradecemos as muitas empresas e pessoas que vistaram nosso stand.



Participamos do 49º festival da cidade de Suita.

Participamos do festival juntamente com a Ikaruga Milk Products apresentando aso visitantes  sticks de batata doce, ácido cítrico e sucos. Agradecemos todos que visitaram a festa.



Exposição Fi India de Outubro

A SKI esteve presente na Fi India realizada entre os dias 19 e 23 de Outubro na Bombay Exhibition Center, localizado em Mumbai, India.
Agradecemos as mais de 250 empresas que nos visitaram.


Exibited at "In Umaimon City Expo park"

Exibited at "In Umaimon City Expo park" on 16th and 17th May 2014

We exibited and sold "Deru Deru Shitake(Japanese Mushrooms), Shitake (Japanese Mushroom) and Citric Acid.
Here, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who visited our stall and has shown there interest in our products.



From 4th Sep 2013, Participated in the exhibition for 3 days held in SEOUL city in Korea.

Want to thank everyone who visited our booth。Published in health and food newspaper.


Nation Wide Business Discussion 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013, Participated in the Nation Wide Business Discussion held at Pacifico Yokohama, the first floor of the exhibit hall CD. Thank you very much for your queries. The answer to your query will be provided by the next week.


Participated in Eco-Festa at Expo Park !!

Participated in the Eco-Festa on Nov 3rd (Sat) 4th (Sun)  held at Expo. 70 Commemoration Park. Eco-fiesta is a program based on the theme "Experiance Good Things About Earth", studing environment along with having fun, and program which can contribute in redution of CO2.

The weather was very pleasent on both the days of the event i.e 3rd Nov as well as on  4th Nov and everthing was sold(Shitake Mushroom, Citrate C etc) by the 4th afternoon, it was a prosperous event as a whole.

Thank you very much.


International Industrial Fare 2012

International Industrial Fare 2012

2012 Sep 6 and sep 7 : Displayed at Kobe international exhibition hall

In more than 200 booths around 15,000 people visited、and aorund 100 companies and 230 people visited our booth, thank you for coming and for your warm support.


First Business matching Fair

2012 April 24(Wed) and 25(Thurs.) it was held in 'My dome Osaka', 120 companies 250 people visited our booth, and it became prosperous and significant fair.

Thank you for visiting and giving your warm support.


CPhI trade fair

From March 21 till March 23, at Tokyo big site CPhI pharmaceutical intermediate

Five nations and about 100 companies visited our booth in three days. Much interest was shown in our companies CS2 technology, tartaric acid, citric acid and its special salts, which are produced in coexisting with environment.

24th (Sat)  Morning newspaper=Kyoto

26th (Mon)  Evening newspaper=Sankei

28th (Wed)  Morning newspaper=Gifu

29th (Thu)  Morning newspaper=Kobe

30th (Fri)    Morning newspaper=Nara

31th (Sat)  Evening newspaper=Chunichi